About Us

Claystone Waste is a western Canadian leader in waste management. Our vision is to develop innovative solutions for the safe disposal of waste and enhance the quality of life for the people in the communities that we serve.   

Our History

Claystone Waste Ltd. was established as a municipally controlled corporation in 2020 by the Town of Tofield, the Town of Viking, the Village of Ryley, the Village of Holden and Beaver County. Previously Claystone Waste has operated as Beaver Municipal Solutions and the Beaver Regional Waste Management Services Commission. Our landfill has been in operation since 1992 to service the waste management needs of communities within Beaver County, Alberta. The size and complexity of our operations have grown since that time and Claystone Waste now is a western Canadian leader in waste management servicing a diverse range of municipal and industrial customers.

As a municipally controlled corporation, Claystone Waste is committed to being a responsive community partner and to operating with the highest standards of environmental and operational excellence in the delivery of waste management services.

“Claystone Waste is dedicated to being a western Canadian leader in waste management with world-class environmental and safety standards. As a municipally controlled corporation, we take our community and social responsibility seriously, and are committed to providing tangible economic benefits back to the people that we serve.”

– Pierre Breau, Chief Executive Officer

Our Mandate and Vision

Our mandate is to provide waste management services to the residents and businesses of the communities we serve and offer world-class waste management solutions to other municipal and industrial customers.


We are committed to being a leader in environmentally-sound waste management practices, to provide tangible economic benefits to our shareholder communities, and to promote opportunities for local and regional training and employment.

Our Site

Our site is a Sanitary Class II Landfill located near Ryley and accepts municipal solid waste from Edmonton and surrounding municipalities in the capital region, as well as significant volumes of class 2, non-hazardous industrial wastes. The facility is one of the largest in Western Canada, and can provide advanced waste treatment, recycling and remediation technologies to municipal and industrial customers.

Our site has desirable features, such as an impermeable claystone soil that enables the safe and effective disposal of waste, while protecting the local groundwater and surrounding environment. We are a modern landfill that is integrated with other activities including a collection site for waste oil and lubricants, tires, white goods, discarded electronics and other recyclable materials.

Our location close to major transportation and population centres, and the ideal geotechnical characteristics of our area soils, provide our customers with leading environmental waste disposal services.

We are currently in the process of constructing a new administrative building at our site in Ryley. This new building will improve customer service and day to day operations of the landfill site.

Health, Safety and Environment

As a waste management leader, Claystone Waste holds itself to the highest health, safety and environmental standards. Claystone Waste recognizes the value of its employees and is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, contractors and visitors to our site.

Public Advisory Committee

The Public Advisory Committee ensures the operations of Claystone Waste are connected with the communities that we serve. The Public Advisory Committee reports directly to our Board of Directors on matters important to the public interest including community benefit programs and operational excellence.  


Claystone Waste is a municipally controlled corporation based in Alberta owned by the Town of Tofield, the Town of Viking, the Village of Ryley, the Village of Holden and Beaver County.

Claystone Waste is governed by an experienced Board of Directors who are responsible for guiding our strategic direction and for ensuring we achieve our mandate to be a western Canadian leader in waste management services and deliver tangible economic benefits back to our shareholding municipalities.  

Community Involvement

Claystone Waste is dedicated to contributing to our local communities. We have a bi-annual grant program for local non-profit organizations and community groups. We also partner with the Royal Canadian Legion branches in the region and the Family and Community Support Services.

Tenders and RFP's

Claystone Waste requires goods and services for fuel and energy, equipment and facility repair and maintenance, environmental testing, office and IT supplies and services, professional services and capital equipment and construction goods and services.

Claystone Waste participates in the New West Partnership Trade Agreement. Tenders and proposal calls for goods and services exceeding $75,000 in value, or construction services exceeding $200,000 in value, are posted via the Alberta Purchasing Connection site.

Vendors should register online with Alberta Purchasing Connections and check that site for any new tenders and proposal calls submitted by Claystone Waste. Some exceptions may apply – check the New West Partnership Trade Agreement for details.

Vendors are evaluated and chosen on best price for value, quality and reliability.

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Claystone News

Final Steps of Claystone Transition Complete

BEAVER COUNTY, Alberta: Claystone Waste announced today that the final steps to formalize the transition from Beaver Municipal Solutions have been completed. Claystone was established as a municipally controlled corporation in 2020 by the Town of Tofield, the Town of Viking, the Village of Ryley, the Village of Holden and Beaver County. Previously, Claystone operated

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