Community Benefits

As a municipally controlled corporation, we take our community and social responsibility seriously. We are committed to re-investing in the communities we serve. Learn more about how we give back to the communities we operate in.

Revenue to Support Local Priorities

Claystone Waste provides dividends back to our municipal shareholders every year. These additional revenues help our communities fund a range of local priorities.

Municipal Benefits

Claystone Waste Ltd. is owned by Beaver County, the Town of Tofield, the Town of Viking, the Village of Ryley, and the Village of Holden.

Every year that Claystone Waste operates and succeeds, these municipalities benefit with more revenue to support their residents. In 2021, Claystone Waste is providing $3 million in dividends to its shareholding municipalities, a figure that works out to more than $300 per person.

The added municipal revenue from these dividends is used across the region to support infrastructure, community programming, and other priorities of our member municipalities that would otherwise have to be funded by tax dollars.

“No one else in Alberta gets a better deal on garbage pick-up and waste disposal than folks in our community. We’re proud of this fact and under Claystone Waste, we look forward to continued support for our residents and broader community initiatives.”

– Brian Ducherer,  Councillor in the Village of Ryley

Resident Benefits

Claystone Waste provides residents and businesses with below-cost garbage pick-up and waste services that are 66% less than market rate. Rates to our residential customers have remained unchanged since 2009.

Claystone is always exploring ways to improve services for our residential customers to help make the Beaver County region an affordable and better place to live, work and own a business.


Community Grants and Programming

Every year that Claystone operates and succeeds, our communities benefit with more revenue to support residents. In addition to the $3 million provided to our municipal shareholders in 2021, we also distribute much-needed funding to support local community groups and organizations. Our community grants programming has provided welcome financial support to local groups including Family and Community Support Services, the Royal Canadian Legion, the Holden Seniors Club, Viking Agriculture Society, Tofield and Area Health Service Foundation among many others.

Claystone Waste continues to explore innovative ways to make our community a better place to live. For instance, we’re in the planning phase of developing a new community park outside of Ryley that can be used to host local events, festivals, or as just a place to gather as a family. Learn more about the proposed Claystone Park by clicking here

Economic Development and Local Employment

We’re proud of our commitment to provide local employment and of our role as an economic driver within the Beaver County region. As one of Alberta’s top 75 employers, we employ over 60 people with well-paying, family-supporting jobs in our community. At Claystone, we are dedicated to being one of Alberta’s best companies to work for and to promote economic development in the communities we serve.