Environmental Stewardship and Health and Safety

At Claystone, we view every day as an opportunity to improve. We are committed to a long-term vision of creating a sustainable ecological future for the generations to come, without forgetting the need to provide a healthy and safe workplace for our employees today. This takes continual effort, a firm commitment to never cutting corners, and above all keeping an open mind.


When you work in landfill and waste management, the environment is always at the front of your mind. What waste can be repurposed? How can we safely dispose of or contain materials that can’t be reused? These are the sorts of questions we routinely ask ourselves when waste arrives at our landfill.

However, we know that a genuine commitment to environmental excellence extends far beyond succeeding at our basic services. A genuine commitment involves a complete and total examination of our entire organization and its operations down to the smallest details, always asking: What could be better? What could be more efficient? What could be redesigned?

The battle for a clean and sustainable future won’t be won with a few grand gestures – it’ll be won through little, almost imperceptible advances, again and again and again.


With this in mind, in 2021 Claystone created and implemented a new and comprehensive Environmental Sustainability and Governance Policy. The policy pledges us to:

  • Continual improvement of our environmental management systems
  • Mitigation of all pollution, wherever it is encountered in our operations
  • Careful documenting and monitoring of all performance metrics
  • Meeting or exceeding all legislative and environmental regulations
  • Performing regular (annual) reviews
  • Utilizing these principles as a guide, we can head confidently into the future knowing we are doing all we can to truly deliver a legacy of clean and sustainable waste management.


    Total Spent On Landfill Gas Monitoring 2021


    Fleet Highway Tractor Fuel Consumption Decrease 2021


    Total Spent On Humane Wildlife Management 2021

    <100,000 t

    Annual GHG Emissions 2020 - Present


    Health and Safety

    At Claystone, we take a positive, proactive, and progressive approach to the safety and well-being of our employees. We believe everyone deserves to work in an environment where they are both encouraged and inspired to push further and reach higher, because they know they have a supportive team, outstanding equipment, and co-workers who care backing them up. 

    Thanks to the commitment of every person Claystone employs, we are seeing continual improvement year after year. 

    A case in point? In 2021, even while having to adapt our operations to meet pandemic restrictions, we managed to reduce our already impressive annual Total Recordable Injury Rate from 4.5 to ZERO – a feat we managed to repeat in 2022.

    40 Local Jobs Created
    During Construction of Ryley Aerated Composting Facility
    Total Recordable Injury Rate 2021
    0.0 (Down from 4.5)
    Stable Employment
    Employing 60 employees in our state-of-the-art landfill and facilities