Our History

Beaver Municipal Solutions transition to Claystone Waste Ltd. Learn more about our history.

Our History

Since 1992, the Beaver Regional Waste Management Services Commission, also known as Beaver Municipal Solutions, has been providing waste management services to the residents and businesses of its shareholder municipalities which include Beaver County, the Village of Holden, the Village of Ryley, the Town of Tofield and the Town of Viking, as well as customers located outside of Beaver County.

As the size and complexity of our operations has grown so has our commitment to our municipal shareholders and their residents. Last year, Beaver Municipal Solutions provided $2 million in municipal dividends to the communities of Beaver County, the Village of Holden, the Village of Ryley, the Town of Tofield and the Town of Viking representing a contribution back of more than $200 per resident in our region.

In recent years, the Beaver Municipal Solutions Board of Directors and the municipal shareholders have been studying the need to transition from a regional services commission to a new corporate structure of a municipally owned corporation. Beaver Municipal Solutions outgrew the regional services commission model and it no longer served the interests of the municipal shareholders or residents in the community.

Under Alberta law, regional services commissions are not intended to provide dividends back to member municipalities, but municipally controlled corporations are. In order to protect and grow community benefits to residents, promote municipal sustainability, and enable future waste management operations to be conducted in a more flexible manner, Beaver Municipal Solutions transitioned to a municipally controlled corporation called Claystone Waste.

As we transition to Claystone Waste, our commitment and vision to make life better for the people in the communities that we serve does not change.