Landfills that accept organic waste attract birds who scavenge the site looking for food. When left unchecked, these birds, who are typically sea gulls, can interfere with the landfill’s heavy equipment operation, carry garbage from the landfill site to nearby surroundings, perch on buildings and their droppings can become a real nuisance.

Over the past several years, in an attempt to reduce the gulls at our landfill face, Claystone Waste, formerly Beaver Municipal Solutions, hired a falconer. A falconer is a person who keeps and trains falcons, hawks or other birds of prey. The falcons scare the sea gulls and when faced with these predator birds, gulls will choose flight over fight. The falcons temporarily take over the gulls feeding ground, intimidating and chasing them away.

Since starting the program over two years ago, we have seen the number of gulls reduced significantly. According to a recent report, the largest gull flock observed in 2019 was in excess of 20,000 birds. This year, the largest flock size was just over 5,000 birds.

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