Claystone Waste announces new Good Neighbour Grant policy

 Funding is increased by 250% under new grant formula to support local priorities in the Village of Ryley and Beaver County      

After two years of community consultation, the Claystone Waste Ltd. Board of Directors has approved a new Good Neighbour Grant policy that will see grant funding increased to the Village of Ryley and Beaver County. In 2021, the Village of Ryley will receive $188,805 and Beaver County $94,261 under the new formula which represents an approximately 250 percent funding increase for the two communities.   

The Good Neighbour Grant was first established in 2013 and provides funds, in addition to municipal dividends, to the Village of Ryley and Beaver County in recognition that residents who live closest to Claystone’s landfill site are more affected by operations than those who live further away. The grant is split between the two municipalities with two-thirds of funding received by the Village of Ryley and one-third by Beaver County.

The Good Neighbour Grant was placed under review following community consultations in 2019 regarding the transition of Beaver Municipal Solutions to Claystone Waste. During consultation, residents, municipal officials, and community groups suggested the Good Neighbour Grant should be increased and be calculated on a predictable rate-per-tonne formula.

The new Good Neighbour Grant policy responds to community concerns heard during consultation and includes a rate-per-tonne formula. A benefit of a formula based on a rate-per-tonne is that funding levels correlate with growth in tonnes collected which ties increased landfill activity with increased community benefits to the Village of Ryley and Beaver County.

“I am proud of the comprehensive community engagement that went into developing the new policy,” says Meryl Whittaker, Chair of the Claystone Board of Directors.

“The Good Neighbour Grant is part of our ongoing commitment to provide tangible economic and community benefits back to the people of the Beaver region. It’s part of our mandate to be a responsive community partner in addition to providing local employment, supporting community programming, and providing revenues through dividends to our shareholding municipalities,” adds Whittaker. 

The revised Good Neighbour Grant policy was developed and finalized with input from the Claystone Waste Public Advisory Committee. The grant will continue to be provided to the municipalities of the Village of Ryley and Beaver County who determine how the funding is spent.  

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