Claystone Waste provides $3 million in 2022 dividends to local municipalities

Revenue from Claystone will help fund infrastructure and services across Beaver region

Claystone Waste Ltd. has distributed a $3 million 2022 dividend to its shareholding municipalities of Beaver County, the Village of Holden, the Village of Ryley, the Town of Tofield and the Town of Viking. Since 2020, the dividend from Claystone has grown by 50 percent, and can be used to help fund local infrastructure priorities and deliver municipal services across the Beaver region as determined by elected councils.

As a municipally controlled corporation, Claystone Waste is enabled to operate like a private sector business and is tasked with providing revenue to local communities through the municipal dividend, creating local jobs, and driving investment in the region.

Meryl Whittaker, Chair of the Claystone Waste Board of Directors, says providing municipal dividends is a key priority for the waste management company.

“Claystone is a community-owned and community-focused enterprise, and we are proud to provide our shareholding municipalities with more revenue to support local priorities across the Beaver region despite challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic,” says Whittaker. “With the 2022 dividend, Claystone Waste is making good on a key commitment to provide revenue to our shareholders to support local services.”

Dividends from Claystone Waste can be used by Beaver region municipalities to support infrastructure, community programming, and other priorities of municipal councils that would otherwise have to be funded by local taxpayers. The $3 million dividends represents an approximately $300 per person benefit to every resident of the Beaver region in 2022.

Pierre Breau, Chief Executive Officer of Claystone Waste, says the company is looking forward to the future as it seeks new opportunities and more revenue in a changing waste management landscape.

“As the waste management industry evolves, Claystone is committed to evolving along with it. We continue our work to execute an ambitious plan that will grow our business and ensure Claystone Waste is a recognized western Canadian leader in waste management,” says Breau.

Since 2015, Claystone and its predecessor Beaver Municipal Solutions, has provided over $22 million back to local communities through various forms of support including dividends but also community grants, sponsorships, and other forms of community partnerships.

The share of the $3 million dividends for each shareholding municipality is apportioned according to a formula. The respective shares of the 2022 dividend are as follows:

Beaver County: $ 1,392,507
Town of Tofield: $ 620,358
Town of Viking: $ 418,772
Village of Ryley: $ 297,580
Village of Holden: $ 270,581

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