Fall is Here

Fall is upon on, with its beautiful change in foliage colour and the slow continual drop in temperature. With the onset of fall, there can be many safety aspects to consider.
One major area affected is road safety. Claystone operates a fleet of transportation trucks that travel the highways, collection trucks that travel all roads in our local municipalities and county, and pickup trucks for safety, maintenance, and taking staff to our outlying locations. Safe travel is important to us.

The days are becoming shorter: the sun rises later in the morning and sets earlier in the evening. Ensure your lights are working and make sure that they are on during the dawn and dusk hours. When your headlights are on, your tail lights will also be on, and other motorists will be able to see your vehicle from behind.

Also, animals can be harder to see as the days become darker. Moose are entering their rutting season and are becoming more active. Be sure to keep an eye out for deer, moose, and other large animals on the highways.

With the dip in temperatures, roadways can start to become more slippery and tire rubber can become harder, stopping distances will begin to increase. You can consider changing to winter tires, as all-season tires start to lose their effectiveness below 7 degrees celsius. Make sure you give other motorists ample room.

Enjoy the fall and drive safe

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