Household Hazardous Waste Drop Off

Many common household products either are or contain parts that are hazardous in nature. Our landfill is capable of safely disposing of these materials where they will do no harm to either the environment or living creatures.

Safely Disposing Your Dangerous Materials

Choosing to dispose of hazardous materials with Claystone is a safe, long-term solution for a potentially harmful problem. You can easily drop off your household hazardous waste at our landfill or one of our transfer stations free of charge.

The Ryley, Lindbrook, Viking, and Tofield transfer stations accept household hazardous waste all year round.


How Do I Know If It’s Hazardous?

A household hazardous product has at least one of the following properties:









If the packaging does not contain guidelines:

  • Use protective gloves at all times when handling the product
  • Keep it in a well-ventilated space and do not inhale any fumes or vapours
  • Make no attempt to open, pierce, or otherwise compromise the product’s integrity to determine what’s inside.


Our trained professionals will do this for you on-site.