The Proposal

Beaver Municipal Solutions is proposing to transition from a regional services commission to Claystone Waste, a municipally controlled corporation. Learn more about this proposal below.

A Better Way Forward

A transition from Beaver Municipal Solutions to Claystone Waste will provide increased community benefit to residents, provide more revenue to support local priorities, and enable waste management operations to be conducted in a more flexible manner.

The Proposal

The Beaver Municipal Solutions Board of Directors and the municipal shareholders have been studying the need to transition from a regional services commission to a new corporate structure of a municipally controlled corporation. This is because Beaver Municipal Solutions has outgrown the regional services commission model and it no longer serves the interests of the municipal shareholders or residents in the community.

Current regulations for regional services commissions means that Beaver Municipal Solutions must receive government approval to share its profits with its municipal owners or sell any asset such as a used truck. These legal limitations are cumbersome and do not guarantee that member municipalities and the wider community can benefit from the operations of Beaver Municipal Solutions.

There is a better way. Municipally controlled corporations are enabled to share profits to their municipal members without government approval. Under the proposal to transition to a municipally controlled corporation, the need for government approval in Edmonton to share profits is eliminated, local oversight is strengthened, and member municipalities’ right to access profits from Claystone Waste is guaranteed.

Supporting technical information is provided here in the form of the Claystone Waste Business Plan and the Municipal Member Service Charter. The Claystone Waste Business Plan is a comprehensive overview of the proposed municipally controlled corporation, including its operating plan, organizational structure, revenue forecasts and capital spending plans. The Municipal Member Service Charter describes the servicing agreement between the proposed municipally controlled corporation and its shareholding municipalities. The Charter guarantees service levels and rate structures for residents and local businesses, and commits Claystone Waste to the mandate of providing economic benefits back to the people of the member municipalities.

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