The three R’s are well known to many: reduce, reuse, and recycle. Quite often, people focus on recycling. Recycling is an important part of limiting the amount of waste that is landfilled. What some people don’t realize however, is that the three R’s are listed in a hierarchy. Recycling is the last resort, the last step to try and keep items out of the waste stream. Reducing and reusing are better options; simpler and more efficient ways to limit waste.

Did you know the average Canadian creates roughly 673kg of waste a year?

Only an average of 20% of total waste is recycled in Canada. Per person that is only about 145 kg. 510 kg of the total waste is landfilled.

Did you know up to 15 billion plastic bags are used every year?

1. Reduce: Canada will be banning single use plastics. Use reusable grocery bags, limiting the amount of new bags that need to be created.

2. Reuse: Use cardboard boxes to bring your groceries home. Use grocery bags for garbage.

Did you know almost 2.2 million tones of edible food is wasted each year in Canada, at a cost in excess of 17 billion dollars.

1. Reduce: Plan your menu when you go for groceries. Buy smaller amounts of groceries, more often.

2. Reuse: Have a leftover day to use up extra food. Compost anything left over, that way, you can create soil to grow your own vegetables or fruit.

There are plenty of ways to reduce or reuse items to decrease the amount of waste you create. Give it some thought, and get creative.

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